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Shutting Out the Sun: How Roll-A-Shield Helped Banish Glare and Heat in an Arizona Home


Deflecting the heat from the sun is one of the many problems that homeowners face in Arizona and throughout the sunbelt. For that reason, we receive many inquiries from troubled homeowners needing to resolve the issues of having direct sunlight and the heat it brings. 


One of our customers, Sue P., a true Arizonan, shared a similar story with us. Sue had trouble with the intense Arizona heat and found thick curtains weren’t enough to keep her home cool. 


At Roll-A-Shield, we want to understand the problems homeowners face and offer products that help. To show how our rolling shutters work in real life, we interviewed Sue to find out how our reliable rolling shutters helped resolve her issue with sunlight.


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Who is Sue?

Sue lives in a lovely single-story house in Sun City, Arizona. Her home is 2,300 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for her comfortable lifestyle.


Living in sunny Arizona, Sue had a big problem with the heat and sunlight making her home too warm and causing her air conditioning to work extra hard. The relentless sun not only made it uncomfortable to stay indoors but also led to higher energy bills as her air conditioning unit struggled to keep up. Sue needed a more effective solution to combat these issues and improve her home’s comfort and energy efficiency.


The Challenge

Sue’s struggle with the Arizona heat was more than just a small problem—it made daily life really tough. Every summer, the rising temperatures inside her home made it hard to stay comfortable. Even though she used thick, sun-blocking curtains to keep the heat out, the intense sunlight still managed to make her house very warm. This caused her air conditioning system to work extra hard, leading to higher energy bills and putting a strain on the AC unit.


The bright sun also created a lot of glare, making it hard for Sue to watch TV or use her computer. The heat was especially bad on the east and west sides of her house, where the sun hit the most. Sue needed a better solution to keep her home cool and comfortable, and to help with other issues like security and privacy.


Her search for a solution led her to a local home show. At the show, she talked to a man who highly recommended Roll-A-Shield, saying it was the best choice for rolling shutters. This recommendation got her interested in Roll-A-Shield over other options she had seen. The combination of a personal recommendation and the promise of high quality made her want to learn more about Roll-A-Shield.



The Solution

Before deciding on Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Sue tried various solutions to combat the intense Arizona heat.


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* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Sun-Blocking Curtains: One of the first measures Sue took was installing thick, sun-blocking curtains on her windows. While these curtains were effective to some extent in reducing the amount of sunlight entering her home, they proved insufficient in providing adequate insulation against the heat. Despite their thickness, the intense rays of the sun still managed to penetrate through, causing the indoor temperature to rise significantly, especially during the scorching summer months.


Window Blinds and Shades: Sue experimented with other window treatments such as blinds and shades to mitigate the heat. However, similar to the sun-blocking curtains, these treatments failed to provide comprehensive relief from the heat and glare.


The Results and Benefits

Since the installation of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Sue has experienced several benefits that have significantly enhanced her daily life.


Enhanced Security

One notable benefit Sue has noticed is the added security these shutters provide to her home. With the ability to securely lock the shutters in place, Sue feels more confident in the safety of her property, deterring potential intruders and providing peace of mind, especially when she’s away from home.


Improved Comfort

Moreover, Sue has observed a remarkable improvement in the comfort of her home. The rolling shutters effectively block out the intense Arizona sun, keeping her interior spaces cooler and more comfortable, even during the hottest months. This has alleviated the need for excessive reliance on air conditioning, resulting in potential energy savings and a more sustainable living environment.


Privacy Enhancement

Additionally, the rolling shutters have enhanced the privacy of Sue’s home. By allowing her to control the amount of light and visibility entering her windows, she feels more secure and secluded within her own space, free from prying eyes and unwanted attention.


An image showing half-opened rolling shutters attached to windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Energy Efficiency

Furthermore, Sue has noticed a positive impact on her home’s energy efficiency. With the ability to regulate the amount of sunlight entering her home, the rolling shutters help reduce the workload on her air conditioning system, potentially leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.


Noise Reduction

Lastly, Sue has experienced a reduction in external noise levels since the installation of the rolling shutters. The shutters act as a barrier, effectively blocking out unwanted noise from the surrounding environment, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor atmosphere.



Sue’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers

“If I were to share my experience with others, I’d say that Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters are an excellent investment. Seeing them in so many homes gives me confidence in their longevity and durability. The installers and service people at Roll-A-Shield were incredibly friendly and made the whole process hassle-free for me. Overall, I highly recommend Roll-A-Shield to anyone seeking a reliable solution to enhance their home’s security and comfort.”


– Sue P.


Ready to make your home cooler, safer, and more comfortable, just like Sue’s? Discover the difference that Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters can make. Contact us now at 480-921-0200 to schedule a consultation with our experts and get a personalized quote tailored to your home’s needs.



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