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Get security and separation for your pharmacy, meal service counter, and more.

During business hours, counters can become openings for criminals, overly curious customers, or after-hours visitors, compromising secure areas. Our counter shutters provide a solution, seamlessly transitioning from open pass-throughs to solid physical barriers when it’s time to close for the day. 

With custom designs tailored to fit any counter in pharmacies, government offices, food service locations, or other facilities, our shutters can be effortlessly activated at the push of a button, ensuring optimal security.

Tamper-Proof Your Business’ Counters

Protecting Businesses Against Theft and Overly-Curious Customers

When your business is closed, our rolling shutters serve as a robust defense against unauthorized access and theft in secure areas. Designed to deter criminals, our sturdy roller doors prevent break-ins and protect cashboxes from theft. They also safeguard confidential paperwork and petty cash, keeping them out of sight from wandering eyes and potential thieves. 

In environments like hospitals, our rolling shutters play a crucial role in preserving patient information and securing valuable medical equipment, ensuring the integrity and security of your assets at all times.

Enhancing Privacy for Employees

Our rolling shutters not only provide security but also enhance privacy for workers by clearly indicating when parts of your business are closed for the day. With shutters securely in place, visitors are informed that your establishment is not open to the public, minimizing the risk of unauthorized individuals attempting to access your premises.

Customizable Sizes for Every Type of Business

No matter the size or layout of your business, our rolling shutters offer customizable solutions to fit any counter size seamlessly. Engineered for a tight fit, they occupy minimal space while providing maximum security. 

With a range of seven colors to choose from including white, grey, metallic, bronze, sand, beige, and cream, you can select the color option that best complements your business aesthetic, ensuring both functionality and style.

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