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Protect your home, your loved ones, and your prized possessions.

You deserve to feel safe in your own home. Rolling shutters will keep out criminals, extreme weather, and prying eyes — while increasing your energy efficiency. Since 1979 we’ve designed, manufactured, and installed thousands of residential rolling shutters for houses, vacation homes, patios, and outdoor TV enclosures.

What Are Residential Shutters?

Your home is your castle. Whether you’re moving into a new home, or you settled into your current house many years ago, it’s your right to feel comfortable where you live. That’s why you need a proven solution that stops criminal intrusions, protects against extreme weather, and keeps out unwanted sunlight, heat, and cold. 

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options to solve these problems. Nobody wants to put bars over their windows, security systems do nothing to stop intrusions, and simple products like blackout blinds and insulated curtains never really work.

Our rolling shutters solve these problems. They are reinforced metal barriers that roll down and perfectly seal your house, vacation home, or outdoor space at a moment’s notice, and roll up and disappear when you don’t need them. They will:

  • Protect your home from criminal intrusion and extreme weather
  • Totally block sunlight (without a single seam for a sliver to come through)
  • Insulate your home from ambient heat and cold to shrink your energy bills
  • Secure your property anytime you leave — for an hour, a day, a month, or more

At Roll-A-Shield we offer rolling shutters that are custom-built for residential use — not heavy-duty commercial systems — that are attractive, convenient, and easy to operate.

Proudly Made in the USA

Residential Solutions

Residential Security

Secure your home — and everyone and everything in it. Our shutters create a physical barrier that stops criminals from targeting you, your loved ones, and your belongings. Roll down your shutters anytime you want peace of mind — when you leave the house, when you go to bed at night, or when you go on vacation — and apply fast, effective, and convenient physical security to your home when you need it most. 

Vacation Home Security

Protect your property during the off-season. Alarms and surveillance systems just raise an alert when someone enters your property — our shutters keep them out. Stop lugging away and storing your patio furniture, golf carts, and other belongings at the end of each season. Get custom shutters that fit your vacation home’s windows, patio, carport, or other entrances, and leave for months at a time without worry.

Sun & Heat Protection

Shrink your energy bills, keep heat out of your home, and create perfect darkness at the push of a button. Our solid, insulated shutters block 100% of direct sunlight from entering your home, and stop up to 70% of ambient heat from filling a room. The result? Cooler homes, easier temperature control, less damage to furniture, and a level of darkness that even the best blackout curtains could never give you.

Extreme Weather Protection

Deploy a time-tested solution that defends your property against extreme weather. Driving rain and snow can cause water damage. Extreme winds can scatter patio furniture and hurl objects into windows. Violent waves can batter your property and coat it in sea foam. Forest fires can incinerate your home if you let a single ember in. Our rolling shutters can stop all of these worst-case-scenarios created by the weather.

Outdoor TV Enclosures

Keep dust, rain, snow, and sun off your outdoor TV — and keep it from getting stolen when you’re inside or away from the house. Our shutters can cover just your TV, or your entire TV enclosure, letting you create a private, secluded, and intimate outdoor environment for you and your loved ones. Customize the look, feel, and operation of your shutters to ensure they fit seamlessly into your outdoor entertainment center.

Patio & Outdoor Living Enclosures

Protect your investments in outdoor living. Our rolling shutters seal off your entire patio or outdoor living space and secure it from criminals, extreme weather, and other threats — and secure them while you sleep, when you leave the house, or when you go on an extended vacation. Design and install custom shutters that perfectly fit your unique outdoor space and enclose it with a seamless physical barrier that nothing can get in.

Blackout & Privacy

The solution you’ve been looking for. Blackout curtains and blinds never work as advertised, and always let in some light. Our rolling shutters provide perfect darkness by blocking 100% of the light trying to get in. They create this complete seal by sitting inside a closed track that keeps every sliver of light out. At the same time, they create total privacy and make it impossible for prying eyes to see inside your space.

Noise & Sound Insulation

Keep outside noise outside. Cut ambient sound in half. Our rolling shutters reduce the noise entering your home by up to 50%. They give you a solid, insulated physical barrier to outside sound anytime you need to sleep, give your child a nap, focus on work, or just enjoy some peace and quiet. These are essential for anyone who lives on a busy street, or near loud neighbors, yardwork, or ongoing construction projects.

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Secure your home. Protect your loved ones. Reduce your energy costs. All with a single, proven solution — residential rolling shutters custom-built for your home by Roll-A-Shield.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a shutter cost?

We custom-build each shutter, so their cost depends on the size, materials, motor, and features you choose. A typical bedroom window with a motorized shutter can be about $1,300, while a higher-security commercial storefront motorized shutter can be $5,000+. 


Reach out today, and we’ll give you a quick, free estimate for your unique needs.

Are these shutters high-quality and durable?

We build our shutters from the highest-quality and most durable materials and components. We source all of our materials and components from suppliers in the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, France, and Australia. We then manufacture each shutter in the U.S.A. at our facility in Tempe, AZ.


Our shutters can be customized for light-weight needs like privacy and heat insulation, or for heavy-duty commercial security and hurricane protection, and everything in-between.


Our shutters are also highly durable and last a long time — we still service customers who have 20+ year old Roll-A-Shield shutters!

How long will it take for my order to be built, shipped, delivered, and installed?

We build and ship shutters within three weeks. If you have an urgent need, we offer expedited service and can build and ship shutters within five business days.


For local Phoenix-area customers, we will typically install within four weeks of order.


For national customers, dealer install times will vary, but it typically happens within three to six weeks of order.

Is there a customer support team available if I have any questions or issues?

Yes. Our team is ready to help you with your order or to troubleshoot any issues.

What warranty do you include for your products?

We offer a 5-year warranty for parts and materials on shutters installed by Roll-A-Shield or one of our approved Dealers. We offer a 1-year warranty for installations completed by Roll-a-Shield (see more details HERE). For installations completed by a Roll-A-Shield dealer, please consult them directly for labor warranty information.

Is there any additional information I can review?

Yes. You can find more detailed information about our shutters on our Product Page. If you still have questions, just give us a call at (480) 690-2635.

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