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Protect your outdoor TV from storms, dust, and crime.

With rolling shutters, your outdoor TV will be clean, protected, and working when you need it. Use rolling shutters to fully enclose your outdoor TV at the push of a button.

When closed, the TV is safe from dust, rain, and would-be thieves. When open, nothing stands between you and outdoor entertainment.

Enhancing Outdoor Entertainment

Preserve and Protect Your Outdoor TV

Having an outdoor TV is great – you can entertain on your patio, backyard or by the pool. You can watch the game while grilling for guests. If you’re a businessowner, you can add value to your outdoor space. 

The obvious problem with outdoor TVs, however, is how vulnerable they are. They’re easily damaged by bad weather or vandalism. Rolling shutters solve that problem – they seal off your TV from the elements when you need protection, and open completely when you’re ready to watch.

Once you’ve built an outdoor TV cabinet, rolling shutters complete the job and provide a robust layer of protection and weather resistance when you need it. Keep all the style of your outdoor space while protecting your investment.

TV Enclosure Solutions

Complete Customizability

Every shutter we make is custom – you tell us the size, color, material, and how you want the shutter to operate (motorized, remote-controlled, manual, etc). We can accommodate any size of TV and unique feature of your outdoor kitchen or entertaining space. For example, some of our customers have included other A/V equipment or a keg tap to the space that their rolling shutter protects.

Control and Automation

As with all of our shutters, you can decide how to control your outdoor TV enclosure or cabinet. With timers or a smartphone app, you won’t have to worry about remembering to close it each night. With options like keypads and key-operated switches, you can ensure that only certain employees have access to controlling the enclosure. Remotes and regular switches give you straightforward operation that anyone can use. Whatever your situation, we have a solution.

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Outdoor TV enclosures and cabinets with Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters. Contact us today to learn more about we can help you protect your outdoor TV.

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