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Proven Protection, Custom Design: Rolling Shutters for Home and Business

Stop crime, extreme weather, and energy loss with rolling shutters.

Protect your property with a simple, proven solution. Our rolling shutters are custom built to perfectly seal your property from intrusion. We have secured 10,000+ homes and businesses since 1979, and know how to protect what matters most to you.

Proudly Made in the USA


Keep the Outside OUT with Rolling Shutters

The all-in-one solution to your security, privacy, and energy problems

Rolling shutters give you complete control over who and what enters your building. They create a physical barrier that seals your property’s doors, windows, and outdoor spaces. Roll them down to keep out criminals, prying eyes, and the weather. Roll them up, and they will disappear while you enjoy your home or run your business.

Meet Roll-A-Shield, a Proven Partner for Rolling Shutters

Since 1979, we have created and installed rolling shutters for 10,000+ homes and businesses. We offer all of our customers:

– Security: We build our shutters out of the most durable materials, design and install them without gaps, and offer options for every level of security needed.

– Flexibility: We custom-build all of our shutters to perfectly fit the openings they will fill, and offer colors and materials that match any building’s aesthetic.

– Convenience: We offer multiple operating mechanisms — including remotes, switches, spring-loaded, and even mobile app operation — to be as easy to use as possible.

– Value: Our shutters last 10-20+ years, and deliver a wide range of benefits — including security, privacy, and reduced energy costs — in a single investment.


Crime Prevention

Alarms just tell you when something bad has already happened. Install them with a solid physical barrier that actually stops crimes from happening in the first place.

Sun & Heat Protection

At the push of a button, block 100% of the sunlight and up to 70% of the ambient heat trying to enter your home or room while reducing outdoor noise by up to 50%.

Vacation Home Security

Stop worrying about your seasonal property during the off-season. Leave your vacation home for months at a time and keep it safe from theft and extreme weather.

Outdoor TV Enclosures

Secure your outdoor TV and create a private, intimate space for you and your loved ones that’s fully sealed off against theft and the elements when you aren’t using it.

Client Testimonials

We’ve served 10,000+ customers over the last 45 years. Here’s what a few of those customers had to say about our products and what it’s like to work with Roll-A-Shield.

"Something had to be done..."

When the Roll-A-Shield is down, it gives the sense of security, the look of security…people will walk by and think twice.

Matt, Owner

"The best way to protect your family, and your property."

“As a cop for 30 years, I know the truth is that intruders are one smashed window away from breaking in.”

Retired Police Officer
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10,000+ Customers Served Since 1979


We promise to give you shutters that last 10 – 20+ years, that are installed by experienced professionals, and backed by multi-year warranties.

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We pick up the phone! It sounds basic, but it’s rare — and it’s one of the many reasons we’re known for our responsive, industry-leading customer service.


We never cut corners on the quality of our shutters. We make them out of the finest materials from the U.S.A. and Europe, and custom cut them to perfectly fit your space.


We produce our shutters quickly and deliver them when we say we will. Most projects take only ~4 weeks to complete, but we also offer expedited services as needed.

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