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Peace of Mind for Your Seasonal Residence

Leaving your vacation home for weeks or even months can be stressful. You want to know that your home and belongings are safe, whether it’s protection from accumulating snow, potential break-ins, or extreme temperatures. 

Our vacation home security shutters offer the perfect solution for protecting your seasonal residence, so you can focus on enjoying your retreat.

Protecting Vacation Homes

Security Tailored for Seasonal Homes

Unlike typical residential security concerns, vacation homes (like cabins, lake houses, cottages, and winter homes) demand a different approach. Our rolling shutters focus on keeping things just as you left them while you’re away. Whether you prioritize insulation, security, or both, our foam-filled security shutters are the ideal solution. 

Highly beneficial for retirement homes, our rolling shutters allow you to close down a carport, transforming it into a secure storage space for golf carts or patio furniture during your absence.

Protect Against the Elements

Keeping your vacation home clean and safeguarding it from the elements is a major priority especially if you’re leaving your property for several months. Crafted with resilient foam, our rolling shutters not only insulate effectively but also shield against snow piling up or water and dust settling on your outdoor furniture.

Multiple Access Options

Our rolling shutters offer several manual and motorized options for access. For manual options, we have spring-loaded, wand-operated, and crank box/pull strap solutions. And for motorized access, we offer hardwired, remote-operated, and solar solutions.

You can even control our rolling shutters remotely with a smartphone app, allowing you to operate them anywhere in the world. Caretakers can also access your shutters through keys, keypads, or remotes, allowing them to manage the vacation home while you’re away.

Enjoy Everyday Comfort in Your Secure Retreat

While these shutters are an excellent long-term storage and security solution, they also enhance the day-to-day enjoyment of your vacation home. When you’re present, revel in the benefits of blackout, privacy, insulation, and security they provide.

Lock Down and Protect Your Hard-Earned Investment

You’ve worked so hard for your vacation home. Protect your investment further by creating a worry-free sanctuary closely guarded by our security rolling shutters. With our rolling shutters’ ability to lock things down securely, they eliminate the need to worry constantly about your belongings or move valuable items to a storage site.

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