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Secure Your Home with Rolling Shutters

Transform your home into a fortress with our residential rolling shutters, strategically designed to deter potential intruders and make them think twice about breaking in. These shutters stand as a formidable barrier, providing an effective defense mechanism that not only safeguards your residence but also protects your loved ones and valued belongings 24/7.

Protecting Residential Properties

Fortify Your Home’s Defenses

Constructed from robust extruded aluminum or foam-filled aluminum, our rolling shutters provide unparalleled strength and tamper resistance. To ensure reliability and effective protection against unauthorized access, we offer an end-retention system that prevents the aluminum slats from being pushed out of their tracks.

Our hurricane shutters are designed to withstand extreme weather, including hurricane-force winds and storm damage, ensuring a steadfast defense for your home.

Residential Security Solutions

Personalized Entry for The People You Trust

Customize your home’s security with a spectrum of access options, from keypads to remotes, ensuring personalized entry for trusted family members and individuals. These options vary from manual to motorized access, giving you the flexibility you need based on your home’s unique requirements.

Concerned about access during power outages? We offer solar and battery-powered solutions to keep your rolling shutters moving whether your home has power or not.

High-Security Extruded Aluminum Slats

Manufactured with precision from high-quality aluminum, our extruded aluminum slats offer a resilient shield. Compared to our foam-filled slat, extruded aluminum slat has metal that is 3x thicker and more resistant to intrusion. 

This slat is durable, sturdy, long-lasting, and reliable against criminals and other threats.

The End Retention System You Can Trust

End retention ensures the shutter doesn’t leave the track, even under the worst conditions or attempted break-ins. A reinforced screw keeps the shutter secure in a reinforced track. This strategic design significantly reduces the risk of forced entry, providing property owners with heightened security and peace of mind.This is a commercial-grade security solution that will give your home advanced security.

Protect Your Outdoor Living Furniture and Spaces

Keep your outdoor investments safe with our rolling shutters, creating a protective enclosure for your patio or outdoor living space. Whether you’re at home, away, or on an extended vacation, our hurricane shutters can defend your outdoor properties against criminals, extreme weather, trespassing animals, and a variety of potential threats. You’ve invested in your outdoor living space, don’t let it be damaged or vandalized.

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