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Protect your employees, products, and facility from crime and vandalism.

Rolling shutters and doors are the perfect way to ensure that your dispensary does not become the victim of crime or vandalism that scares off customers, threatens employees, and interrupts your business.

Protecting Dispensaries

Dispensary Security: Inside and Out

Roll-A-Shield has partnered with dozens of dispensaries around the country to ensure that their employees, customers, products, and facilities are safe and secure. Inside a facility, shutters can be used to protect inventory in-display, so you don’t have to move product each night for security. 

On the outside of a facility, rolling shutters deter vandals, stop criminals, protect employees, and prevent costly glass replacement. They also help you clearly indicate to customers when you are closed, preventing frustrating misunderstandings.

Dispensary Solutions

Stay Compliant and Take Precautions

Depending on your location, you may be required by law to provide a certain amount or level of security for your dispensary. Cannabis products, though now legal in many areas, are still highly regulated. This makes the idea of a theft of regulated products particularly scary. For example, if you or your employees forget to lock the door at night and cannabis products are stolen, you could be held accountable. You don’t want to risk being investigated or penalized by authorities on top of all the other problems caused by theft. Security shutters generally go beyond any legal requirements for security.

Reduce Security and Labor Costs

When your facility is reinforced, inside and out, by rolling shutters, you can reduce your spending on other, less effective security methods without compromising the security of your business. More than that, by securing inventory within displays, you can see savings from labor costs as your employees no longer have to move products to secure them at night.

Don’t Be an Easy Target

Thieves and vandals choose the easiest Security shutters are very difficult to open or break. In fact, it would take far more effort than the typical thief is willing to exert. The shutters not only make your business hard to break into, but they also hide everything from view. While there’s no such thing as 100% protection, would-be thieves and vandals are generally looking for easy targets. When they see security shutters, they most likely will move on.

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Dispensary security with Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters.
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