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If you have a cannabis dispensary, one of your biggest concerns is security. As the demand for cannabis products quickly grows, there are also many thieves and vandals who will take advantage of a space that’s not well protected. When it comes to dispensary protection, one of your first lines of defense should be security shutters. Let’s look at why it’s so important to have dispensary display window protection along with some tips on finding the most effective solutions.

When it comes to protecting your family and the contents of your home, our motorized shutters deliver in ways most normal shutters, blinds and screens can’t. But there are also added energy benefits…

Why Security Is Essential For A Dispensary

Security shutters closed outside dispensaryThere’s a huge demand for cannabis products. Unfortunately, there are many incidents of people attempting to steal these valuable products if they see an opportunity to do so. Many dispensaries hire security personnel to prevent theft during business hours. However, you also need protection from smash and grab incidents that occur when you’re closed. There’s also the threat of vandalism, such as getting windows broken or people writing on your windows or doors.

People safeguarding their homes and businesses often focus on door locks. However, windows are usually the easiest point of entry for break-ins. Windows can be shattered or cut out in minutes. It’s the nightmare of every business to come to work in the morning to find the windows smashed and their most valuable products gone. There are several benefits to installing security shutters to protect your dispensary.

Legal Requirements For Dispensary Security

dispensary security shutters openDepending on your location, you may be required by law to provide a certain amount or level of security for your dispensary. Cannabis products, though now legal in many areas, are still highly regulated.

There are also potential contradictions between state and federal laws. For these reasons, if you provide the public with medical and/or recreational cannabis products, you may be required to provide a higher level than normal security. If that is the case, and in the event of theft…in addition to your own losses, you potentially risk facing legal consequences. For example, if you or your employees forget to lock the door at night and cannabis products are stolen, you could be held accountable.

Legal requirements for securing a dispensary are usually fairly basic. However, if items are stolen, you don’t want to risk being investigated or penalized by authorities on top of all the other problems caused by theft. Security shutters generally go beyond any legal requirements for security.

Make Sure You’re Not An Easy Target

inside dispensary security shutters closedThieves and vandals have many choices for targets. There are numerous cannabis dispensaries in cities that permit them. Someone looking to break into a dispensary and steal products wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Security shutters are very difficult to open or break. In fact, it would take far more effort than the typical thief is willing to exert. In a way, roller shutters almost make your business invisible to potential thieves. The shutters not only make your business hard to break into, but they also hide everything from view. While there’s no such thing as 100% protection, would-be thieves and vandals are generally looking for easy targets. When they see security shutters, they will most likely move on to a more vulnerable business.

Keep Your Customers Informed

A dispensary gets plenty of random foot traffic as well as customers who set out to visit a business. It helps maintain good customer relations when people can clearly see when you’re open or closed. Security shutters not only make your business hard for criminals to see, it clearly shows customers whether you’re open or closed. Once the shutters roll down, no one will mistakenly think you may be open. This prevents confusion and frustration on the part of your customers.

Conserves Energy

During extremes of hot or cold, security shutters provide insulation. While this may not be your primary motivation for getting security shutters for your dispensary, it’s an added benefit. While the shutters are down, your space will be protected from the sun, cold and elements such as rain, snow or hail.

Features and Options For Security Shutters

Security shutters can be customized to fit your preferences and the unique needs of your business. When you purchase roller shutters, you can choose among many options and features.

  • Sizes & Styles — Depending on the size and location of your business, you may prefer certain styles. For example, if you’re located in a mall or shopping area, you may want to fit in with neighboring stores. Roller shutters can be customized to the needs of any dispensary.
  • Control Options — You can get shutters that open and close manually or automatically. There are multiple options, such as remote controls, hand cranks and manual wand operation.
  • Colors — You can choose the paint options that match your preferences. You can choose among many shades of white, gray, black and other colors.

Keep Your Dispensary Secure

There are many challenges to running a successful dispensary. You have to keep up with the ever evolving laws, identify the best quality and most popular products, and compete with hundreds of competitors in your own city as well as online. Security is another potential problem, but this is an issue where you can take specific steps to protect yourself.

Security shutters are a smart way to keep your dispensary safe. They help to show your customers, lawmakers and any potential troublemakers that you take security seriously and that you aren’t an easy target.

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