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Secure your employees, inventory, and facilities.

Sleep easy and stop worrying about your business after-hours. Seal your property with metal rolling shutters that deter criminals, stop intrusions, and protect your assets when no one is there to look after them. We’ve designed, manufactured, and installed thousands of commercial rolling shutters since 1979.


What Are Commercial Rolling Shutters?

You have a lot on your mind. Maybe you have suffered a recent break-in, or crime and homelessness has spiked on your block. Maybe you want to offer your employees extra protection while they open up or close down shop. Or maybe you are simply launching new facilities and need to secure them before launch day.
Conventional security systems won’t solve these problems. Alarms and cameras don’t stop crime — they just tell you when something bad has already happened — while bars and grates are ugly and will give off the wrong impression to your customers.
Rolling shutters solve these problems. They are reinforced metal barriers that roll down and perfectly seal your business when it is closed, and roll up and disappear when your business is open. The right rolling shutter system will:

  • Deter criminals from bothering your business
  • Stop intrusions and vandalism if criminals do target you
  • Defend your property against vandalism, damage, and theft
  • Protect your property from extreme weather and temperatures
  • Give you and your employees peace of mind when they need it

At Roll-A-Shield, we offer security shutter solutions that will perfectly fit your facility, blend in with your aesthetics, and easily operate via a switch, remote, keypad, or app.

Proudly Made in the USA

Commercial Solutions

Over our 35 years in business, we’ve helped thousands of retail stores, pharmacies, schools, churches, office buildings, dispensaries, mall kiosks, bars and more secure their facilities with rolling shutters and doors.

Commercial Security

A criminal only needs one door or window to do their damage. If you fail to secure every opening into your building, you leave your business open to crime and vandalism that could interrupt your operations, scare off your customers, and threaten your employees. Our custom-built shutters create a physical barrier that completely secures and seals off every opening into your offices, warehouses, and facilities.

Storefront Protection

Reduce your risk at retail locations. Criminals can break your expensive panes of glass, steal your display products and inventory, and threaten your employees. Alarm systems do nothing to stop these crimes, and simply tell you that something bad has already happened. Our shutters physically stop criminals and deter crimes, saving you money, protecting your products, and giving your employees peace of mind.

Counter Shutters

Counters create an opening that lets criminals, overly curious customers, or after-hours visitors into secure areas. Our counter shutters leave your pass- throughs open during business hours, and then create a solid physical barrier when it’s time to close for the day. We create custom shutters that can perfectly seal any counter that’s part of a pharmacy, government office, food service location, or other facility — all at the push of a button.

Dispensary Security

Cannabis offers a big business opportunity — but one that carries significant risk. Dispensaries must be secured against theft and vandalism to safeguard displays, protect inventory, and maintain compliance. Our shutters give you defense-in-depth, sealing your glass windows, doors, and displays on the outside, and letting you safely store inventory inside your shop (without having to move it at the end of each day).

School & Church Security

Schools, churches, and other facilities must be secured so they can serve their communities without safety concerns or interruptions. Our custom shutters provide an effective, convenient form of security that disappears during operating hours — letting you continue to welcome the people you serve — while securing your snack bars, announcing booths, cafeterias, classrooms, and sacred spaces at night.

Kiosk and Bar Security

Secure your kiosk, bar, or similar stand-alone location after business hours. Our shutters make it easy to operate an open, inviting stand during business hours that seals off — from every angle — once you close for the day. We can create custom shutters that fit any structure to protect your inventory, prevent vandalism, and give you peace of mind — all in a compact, unobtrusive system that’s easy to operate.

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these shutters high-quality and durable?

We build our shutters from the highest-quality and most durable materials and components. We source all of our materials and components from suppliers in the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, France, and Australia. We then manufacture each shutter in the U.S.A. at our facility in Tempe, AZ.


Our shutters can be customized for light-weight needs like privacy and heat insulation, or for heavy-duty commercial security and hurricane protection, and everything in-between.


Our shutters are also highly durable and last a long time — we still service customers who have 20+ year old Roll-A-Shield shutters!

How long will it take for my order to be built, shipped, delivered, and installed?

We build and ship shutters within three weeks. If you have an urgent need, we offer expedited service and can build and ship shutters within five business days.


For local Phoenix-area customers, we will typically install within four weeks of order.


For national customers, dealer install times will vary, but it typically happens within three to six weeks of order.

Is there a customer support team available if I have any questions or issues?

Yes. Our team is ready to help you with your order or to troubleshoot any issues!

What warranty do you include for your products?

We offer a 5-year warranty for parts and materials on shutters installed by Roll-A-Shield or one of our approved Dealers. We offer a 1-year warranty for installations completed by Roll-a-Shield (see more details HERE). For installations completed by a Roll-A-Shield dealer, please consult them directly for labor warranty information.

Are they bullet proof?

Our shutters are not designed to be bullet proof. However, our heavy-duty slat likely contributes to reducing the impact or damage of a bullet fired through the shutter.


Give us a call to discuss your particular security needs.

How can you operate them? Remote, etc

You can operate our shutters in many different ways, ranging from manual operation with a crank or pull strap, to motorized operation via remote, switch, app, keyfob, or keypad.


Learn more about your operating method options HERE.

What kind of access control options are there?

We offer multiple access control options, including numeric keypads, key fobs, key-operated switches, and internet-enabled apps, as well as standard remotes. Learn more at the Products Page.

Do you have spring-loaded shutters?

Yes. We offer spring-loaded (aka push-pull) shutters to allow you or your employees to access or secure your manually building without relying on a motor or crank handle.

What if my landlord won’t let me install them?

If you aren’t allowed to put shutters on the outside of your business or residence, you can usually still install the shutters inside. This leaves your window and/or glass exposed, but it provides protection for your inventory, store, or home. This is a common solution to restrictions imposed by landlords.

What’s the maximum width and height of a shutter?

The maximum area of a shutter depends on the materials you select and the method of operation you will be using. The widest we can make a shutter is about 19.5 feet. The tallest we can make a shutter is about 12 feet.

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