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Build a shutter to your unique specifications.

Choose your method of operation, color, slat time, and other features to ensure that your rolling shutter meets your unique needs! We build every shutter in our facility in Arizona for homes and businesses across the country
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About Roll-A-Shield

Roll-A-Shield has nearly 40 years of experience in fabricating, assembling, and installing rolling security shutters. We are proud to say that our shutters are made with the highest quality product and finest workmanship that you will find in the industry. Many companies have come and gone, but we are proud to have loyal team members and loyal customers. Our rolling aluminum shutters are custom-built to suit your needs, whether residential or commercial!

If you want any help walking through these options, are team is standing by to help – just give us a call at (480) 921-0200.

Type of Operation

Rolling shutters can be operated by hand (manual) or with the assistance of a spring or motor. We offer a wide range of operations for every situation and price point. Once you have decided between manual or motorized, you’ll have a variety
of choices. Compare them below:

  • Crank Box / Strap
  • Push/Pull
  • Wand-Operated
  • Wired Motor
  • Remote-Operated Motor
  • Solar Motor
Manual Motorized
Type Spring-Loaded Wand-Operated Crank Box / Pull Strap Hardwired Remote-Operated Solar
Description Pull it closed or open with your hand, assisted by a spring. Rotate a removable long pole to put the shutter up or down. Pulling a strap or turn a crank box to operate the shutter. Motor is wired into home/ building and operated by a wired switch (similar to a light or fan) Motor is wired into home/ building and operated by remote control (either hand- held or attached to wall) Motor is powered by solar battery and operated by a remote.
Optional Manual Override
Independent Power Source
Operate via Smartphone App?
Operate with Remote?
Obstacle Detection
Key-Lock Option
Requires Access to Electrical / Wiring
Requires Drilling through Exterior Wall M (If manual override needed) M (If manual override needed)

Type of Motorized Controllers

Our motorized shutters come with a wide range of operation options (ie how you make the shutters open or close). These range from battery-powered remotes to wired switches, and even a smartphone app!

Single-Channel Remote
  • Easy, simplified operation.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Can be stored via magnet to wall mount.
Multi-Channel Remote
  • Control 4 or 16 shutters on the same remote.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Different grouping and combinations available.
In-Wall Remote
  • Impossible to lose.
  • Simplified operation.
  • Control 1 or 4 shutters on the same remote.
Paddle / Wall Switches
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Impossible to lose.
  • No batteries.
Key-Operated Switch
  • Highly secure, limited access.
  • Commercial-grade.
  • Effective access control.
Key Fob
  • Extremely compact, simplified.
  • Can be used from vehicle for employee safety.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • No lost keys or remotes.
  • Easy to reprogram.
  • Wireless and robust.
Smartphone App
  • Operate shutters from your smartphone.
  • Set schedules and alerts.
  • Connect to other devices.

Type Of Slat

The slat curtain is the primary part of a shutter – it’s what stands between the inside of your home/business and the outside world. We offer two types of slat (foam-filled and extruded metal) in two sizes.

Mini Foam Standard Foam Mini Extruded Standard Extruded
Compostion Rolled Aluminum with Foam Rolled Aluminum with Foam Extruded Aluminum Extruded Aluminum
Deters Crime
Stops Crime
Resists Damage During Crime Attempt
Hurricane-Rated Up to 12ft. Up to 20ft.
Insulates Against Heat, Cold, and Noise
Grid-Punched Option
End Retention Option
Maximum Width 12ft. 20ft. 15ft. 20ft.

Color Choice

We offer 8 colors for our foam-filled slat and 3 colors for our extruded slat. All slat are powder-coated at specialized facilities.

  • White
  • Grey
  • Metallic
  • Bronze
  • Sand
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Brown

Other Features

Key Lock

Add a key lock to your shutter as an additional layer of security. This is available for all manually-operated shutters.

End Retention

Take your shutter security the extra mile by adding end retention. This makes it nearly impossible to push the shutter out of its guiderails, ensuring that nobody gets in. This is available for our extruded slat.

Storm Bars

Concerned that extreme wind could push your shutters out of their guiderails? Invest in a storm bar to provide additional strength to your shutters on windy days.

Manual Override (CMO)

For shutters on a bedroom window or a critical commercial entrance, we offer manual overrides to allow operation of the shutter independent of the motor.

Light Control via Perforated Slits

One of the less-known features of a rolling shutter is that you can still get light through the shutter while providing protection and insulation. Because of perforation of the slat at the hinge, you can have “in-between” light control in your room.

Obstacle Detection

Our motorized shutters offer obstacle detection, ensuring that even if you forget to move the patio furniture from under the shutter, it won’t damage itself or the furniture! Shutters will gently close on an obstacle, stop, and retract to a safe position.

Smartphone App

Our shutter motors can be connected to smartphone apps / “Internet of Things” technology via a separately-sold hub. This will allow you to use common smart home apps to automate the operation of your shutters.

Ship / Pickup / Installs

We offer a variety of ways to get your shutters. For customers in the Metro Phoenix area, we will install the shutters ourselves. Outside of Arizona, we ship through a national network of dealers who will manage your installation. If you are handy enough to install your own shutter, we can ship shutters nationwide or have you pick up your shutters from our facility in Tempe, AZ.

Mix and Match

We encourage customers to consider mixing and matching their operation mechanism depending on their use case. For businesses, it may make sense to have all of your shutters operated by remote but leave the shutter over your back door keypad-operated to ensure employees can close/open your facility without a key.

We’ve been helping our customers get peace of mind since ’79! We would love to talk with you about your needs.


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