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Deflecting the heat from the sun is one of the many problems that homeowners face in Arizona and throughout the sunbelt. For that reason, we receive many inquiries from troubled homeowners needing to resolve the issues of having direct sunlight and the heat it brings. 


One of our customers, Sue P., a true Arizonan, shared a similar story with us. Sue had trouble with the intense Arizona heat and found thick curtains weren’t enough to keep her home cool. 


At Roll-A-Shield, we want to understand the problems homeowners face and offer products that help. To show how our rolling shutters work in real life, we interviewed Sue to find out how our reliable rolling shutters helped resolve her issue with sunlight.


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Who is Sue?

Sue lives in a lovely single-story house in Sun City, Arizona. Her home is 2,300 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for her comfortable lifestyle.


Living in sunny Arizona, Sue had a big problem with the heat and sunlight making her home too warm and causing her air conditioning to work extra hard. The relentless sun not only made it uncomfortable to stay indoors but also led to higher energy bills as her air conditioning unit struggled to keep up. Sue needed a more effective solution to combat these issues and improve her home’s comfort and energy efficiency.


The Challenge

Sue’s struggle with the Arizona heat was more than just a small problem—it made daily life really tough. Every summer, the rising temperatures inside her home made it hard to stay comfortable. Even though she used thick, sun-blocking curtains to keep the heat out, the intense sunlight still managed to make her house very warm. This caused her air conditioning system to work extra hard, leading to higher energy bills and putting a strain on the AC unit.


The bright sun also created a lot of glare, making it hard for Sue to watch TV or use her computer. The heat was especially bad on the east and west sides of her house, where the sun hit the most. Sue needed a better solution to keep her home cool and comfortable, and to help with other issues like security and privacy.


Her search for a solution led her to a local home show. At the show, she talked to a man who highly recommended Roll-A-Shield, saying it was the best choice for rolling shutters. This recommendation got her interested in Roll-A-Shield over other options she had seen. The combination of a personal recommendation and the promise of high quality made her want to learn more about Roll-A-Shield.



The Solution

Before deciding on Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Sue tried various solutions to combat the intense Arizona heat.


An image showing a brick house with a rolling shutter installed in one of its windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Sun-Blocking Curtains: One of the first measures Sue took was installing thick, sun-blocking curtains on her windows. While these curtains were effective to some extent in reducing the amount of sunlight entering her home, they proved insufficient in providing adequate insulation against the heat. Despite their thickness, the intense rays of the sun still managed to penetrate through, causing the indoor temperature to rise significantly, especially during the scorching summer months.


Window Blinds and Shades: Sue experimented with other window treatments such as blinds and shades to mitigate the heat. However, similar to the sun-blocking curtains, these treatments failed to provide comprehensive relief from the heat and glare.


The Results and Benefits

Since the installation of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Sue has experienced several benefits that have significantly enhanced her daily life.


Enhanced Security

One notable benefit Sue has noticed is the added security these shutters provide to her home. With the ability to securely lock the shutters in place, Sue feels more confident in the safety of her property, deterring potential intruders and providing peace of mind, especially when she’s away from home.


Improved Comfort

Moreover, Sue has observed a remarkable improvement in the comfort of her home. The rolling shutters effectively block out the intense Arizona sun, keeping her interior spaces cooler and more comfortable, even during the hottest months. This has alleviated the need for excessive reliance on air conditioning, resulting in potential energy savings and a more sustainable living environment.


Privacy Enhancement

Additionally, the rolling shutters have enhanced the privacy of Sue’s home. By allowing her to control the amount of light and visibility entering her windows, she feels more secure and secluded within her own space, free from prying eyes and unwanted attention.


An image showing half-opened rolling shutters attached to windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Energy Efficiency

Furthermore, Sue has noticed a positive impact on her home’s energy efficiency. With the ability to regulate the amount of sunlight entering her home, the rolling shutters help reduce the workload on her air conditioning system, potentially leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.


Noise Reduction

Lastly, Sue has experienced a reduction in external noise levels since the installation of the rolling shutters. The shutters act as a barrier, effectively blocking out unwanted noise from the surrounding environment, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor atmosphere.



Sue’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers

“If I were to share my experience with others, I’d say that Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters are an excellent investment. Seeing them in so many homes gives me confidence in their longevity and durability. The installers and service people at Roll-A-Shield were incredibly friendly and made the whole process hassle-free for me. Overall, I highly recommend Roll-A-Shield to anyone seeking a reliable solution to enhance their home’s security and comfort.”


– Sue P.


Ready to make your home cooler, safer, and more comfortable, just like Sue’s? Discover the difference that Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters can make. Contact us now at 480-921-0200 to schedule a consultation with our experts and get a personalized quote tailored to your home’s needs.





In a sunny neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona, Brenda M. lives in her cozy 3-bedroom home.


But in the midst of Phoenix’s bright sunlight, Brenda encountered a common problem – it was hard to make her room dark enough for a good night’s sleep. Luckily, Brenda found a solution that not only made her room dark but also made her home more comfy and safe.


At Roll-A-Shield, we understand the remarkable impact of these rolling shutters, not just in providing darkness, but also in safeguarding homes against the elements and contributing to our customers’ overall well-being. Here’s how we’ve helped Brenda.


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Who is Brenda?

Brenda M. is a long-time resident of a neighborhood in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where houses share a similar appearance. For about 20-25 years, Brenda has been using Roll-A-Shield’s solutions for her 3-bedroom home. Security and darkness are really important to Brenda, especially in her bedroom.


Living in Phoenix means dealing with lots of sunlight, which can be really bright and strong. Brenda has a hard time keeping her bedroom dark enough to sleep well because of all the sunlight. It makes it tough for her to relax, especially when she wants to sleep in.


The Challenge

Before Brenda discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, she had some specific worries about her bedrooms. She really wanted her bedrooms to be dark so she could sleep well. This darkness was really important for Brenda, especially when she wanted to sleep in late or relax after a long day. Brenda also cared a lot about making her home safe, especially in the bedrooms where she wanted to feel safe and have some privacy.


To try to fix these problems, Brenda first tried using wooden shutters in her bedroom. She hoped these shutters would block out the bright sunlight and make her bedroom feel safer. But the Phoenix sun was too strong, and it still got through the wooden shutters, making it hard for Brenda to create the dark, peaceful space she wanted.



The Solution

Brenda found the perfect solution to her sunlight exposure problem when she discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters. These shutters were exactly what she needed—they were high-quality, easy to use, and provided the security and flexibility she wanted.


An image showing rolling shutters installed outside of a home's windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Choosing Roll-A-Shield: Brenda had some good reasons for picking Roll-A-Shield to help with her rolling shutter needs. She liked their great service, trustworthy products, and how nice they were when she first contacted them. All these things made Brenda feel confident in choosing Roll-A-Shield to help her with her problems.


Seamless Transaction Process: Brenda’s experience with the transaction process was straightforward and hassle-free. From the initial inquiry to finalizing the purchase, Brenda found Roll-A-Shield’s customer service to be exemplary. She was guided through each step with professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction.


Installation Process: The installation process for Brenda’s rolling shutters was a breeze, with no major challenges or issues encountered. Roll-A-Shield’s team of experts handled the installation with precision and skill, leaving Brenda impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. As an added precaution, Brenda was provided with an emergency contact and taught how to manually operate the shutters in case of electrical issues.


Troubleshooting and Post-Installation Concerns: Since Brenda got her rolling shutters installed, she hasn’t had any problems. Roll-A-Shield’s products have worked perfectly, just like they promised. They’re reliable and strong, and any possible issues were taken care of before Brenda even noticed them. So, Brenda feels really good about choosing Roll-A-Shield for her home.


An image showing a halfway opened rolling shutters installed outside of a home's glass doors
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


The Results and Benefits

Since the installation of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Brenda has experienced notable benefits, particularly during rainy seasons and dust storms.


Protection Against Rain and Dust Storms

With the ability to easily close the shutters, Brenda can effectively protect her windows from rain, preventing unsightly spotting and preserving the cleanliness of her home’s exterior. During dust storms, a common occurrence in Phoenix, Brenda relies on the shutters to shield her windows from the abrasive effects of sand and dust, ensuring they remain unblemished and intact.


Enhanced Heat Blocking Efficiency

In the scorching hot summer months, she can close the shutters to keep the heat out. This means she doesn’t have to use the air conditioner as much, which could save her money on her energy bill in the long run.


Improved Security and Privacy

Besides helping block the heat, Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters have also made Brenda’s home safer and more private. By closing the shutters, Brenda adds extra protection to her windows, which can scare off burglars and make her home more secure. The shutters also give Brenda the privacy she wants, so she can relax without worrying about people looking in or bothering her.


Improved Overall Security

The shutters add extra protection to Joyce’s windows, deterring potential intruders. This gives her peace of mind, even when she’s not at home. Joyce can relax and enjoy her time knowing that her property is safe and secure.


An image showing a front side of the house with rolling shutters installed in the front window
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Brenda’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers

“I cannot speak highly enough of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters. They have been an absolute lifesaver for me. Not only do they provide complete darkness in my bedroom, allowing me to sleep soundly even on the brightest of days, but they also offer unparalleled security for my home. The ease of operation from the inside is truly remarkable, making it effortless to adjust the shutters to my desired level of darkness and privacy.


What truly impresses me is the durability of Roll-A-Shield’s shutters. After all these years, I’ve had absolutely no trouble with them. They’ve stood the test of time without fail. If I ever need more shutters in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose Roll-A-Shield again. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the material and the excellent workmanship. Roll-A-Shield has exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to invest in their products.”


– Brenda M.


Ready to experience the same peace, security, and comfort that Brenda enjoys with Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters? Don’t wait any longer – book a consultation with our experts today at 480-921-0200 to discover how our shutters can enhance your home. Eliminate sunlight intrusion and create a darker, more restful space with Roll-A-Shield.





Imagine you’re a snowbird, migrating to a warmer climate during the winter months, looking forward to enjoying your home away from home. You want your winter residence to feel secure, adaptable, and comfortable, allowing you to make the most of your seasonal stay.


We’ve talked to many of our snowbird customers, and one common problem they face is keeping their homes safe while they’re away for weeks, months, or even years. They also struggle with issues when they’re at home, like too much sunlight making it too hot, sandstorms bringing in dust and sand, not enough protection for windows and doors, and a lack of privacy.


At Roll-A-Shield, we understand that these challenges are more than just annoying – they’re real problems that affect how comfortable people feel. That’s why we reached out to Robert G., a snowbird who wanted an easy way to secure his carport while turning it into a nice patio.


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Who is Robert?

Robert G. is a snowbird who moves to Arizona for the winter to escape the cold weather. For the past four years, Robert has been a loyal customer of Roll-A-Shield, and this choice has made a big difference.


Robert lives in a park model in a trailer park community in Tempe, Arizona. His home is a place he stays during the winter months. However, Robert had a specific problem with his carport. He wanted an easy way to close off this part of his house for security but also be able to open it up like a patio when he wanted to be outside. For Robert, the carportwas more than just a place to park his car—it was a way to make his living space bigger and enjoy his winter stay to the fullest.


The Challenge

Before Robert discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, he had a specific problem with his carport area at his winter home in Arizona. As a snowbird who only stays there during the winter, Robert needed a way to close off his carport when necessary but still be able to open it up like a patio. He wanted things to be easy and convenient while also keeping his home safe.


Before finding Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Robert tried different solutions to fix the problem with his carport. He went to home shows and looked at different products and ideas there, hoping to find a way to turn his carport into a patio during the winter.


During his search, Robert saw different carport enclosures and patio covers. But none of them gave him the easy transition and flexibility he wanted. Many were too complicated, didn’t have the security features he needed, or couldn’t open and close smoothly.



The Solution

Robert found the perfect solution to his carport problem when he discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters. These shutters were exactly what he needed—they were high-quality, easy to use, and provided the security and flexibility he wanted.


An image showing a home with closed shutters on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Exploring Solutions: Robert explored various solutions to find a way to seal off his carport while still maintaining convenience and flexibility. One way he made that happen was by attending home shows, where he hoped to find practical and effective ideas to transform his carport area into a functional patio space during the winter months.


Encountering Different Options: During his visit to the home shows, Robert saw different types of carport enclosures and patio covers. He checked out several products and ideas showcased at these events, aiming to find a solution that would help transition his carport while meeting his criteria for ease of use and security.


Challenges with Previous Solutions: Despite trying different options, Robert didn’t find what he needed. Many solutions were too complicated, didn’t have enough security, or were hard to open and close easily. The products he saw at the home show didn’t fully turn his carport into the versatile patio area he wanted.


An image showing a house with semi-opened rolling shutters on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


The Results and Benefits

Since Robert installed Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, his residential property has seen significant improvements.

Enhanced Nighttime Security

Robert feels much safer at night now that his carport and belongings are protected by Roll-A-Shield’s shutters. Closing them before bed gives him peace of mind and helps him sleep better, knowing everything is secure and safe from theft or damage.


Peace of Mind for Snowbirds and Residents Alike

The rolling shutters from Roll-A-Shield bring peace of mind to snowbirds like Robert and other residents, especially during the long periods when they are away from home. By closing the shutters at night, they can rest assured that their carports and belongings are secure and protected. This added security relieves worries about theft or vandalism, allowing snowbirds and residents to fully enjoy their winter stay without concerns.


Increased Privacy and Functionality of the Carport

Robert can now use his carport as a patio during the winter months, creating a private and inviting outdoor space. The ability to transition seamlessly between a secured storage area and a functional patio has given Robert’s residence the comfort and livability it needs, fitting his needs in the process.


Increased Property Value and Market Appeal

Adding the rolling shutters not only makes Robert’s home more secure and functional but also more attractive to potential buyers. If Robert decides to sell in the future, the shutters will likely appeal to buyers looking for extra security and convenience.


An image showing a house with all the rolling shutters opened on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property

Robert’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers


I can’t say enough about Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters—they’re truly an awesome product! I recommend them to anyone curious about securing their carports. They’re the best solution because they’re easy to use, incredibly convenient, and they work great. When I installed them, I was the first in my park to have them, and everyone commented on how beautiful they looked. They all expressed how they wished they had them too. 


A couple who saw mine ended up getting them installed after seeing how well they work and the benefits they provide. I’ve become a bit of an advocate for these shutters, recommending them to anyone I talk to because they truly deliver.” 


– Robert G.


Transform your carport into a cozy patio retreat just like Robert did! Eliminate security worries and embrace ease and peace of mind with Roll-A-Shield’s premium rolling shutters.


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Every homeowner faces different challenges – like too much sunlight, loud noises, or just wanting some privacy. At Roll-A-Shield, we know how important these problems are. They’re not just little annoyances; they really affect how comfortable and happy you feel at home.


That’s why we talk to our customers, old and new, to find out how our rolling shutters have made things better for them. Our shutters help keep bad weather out and make sure you can sleep well at night. They’re designed to make your home life easier and more enjoyable.


Among the homeowners we’ve gotten in touch with is Joyce S.


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Who is Joyce?

Joyce S. lives in Sun City, Arizona, and she’s been a loyal customer of Roll-A-Shield for over ten years. Joyce trusts our special rolling shutters to keep her home safe. Her house has a cozy ranch-style design, a peaceful retreat from busy daily life. But even in this cozy home, Joyce faced challenges with too much sunlight and dust sneaking in.


Determined to gain back control over her living space, Joyce sought out Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters as a solution to deter the direct sunlight and dust. But Joyce isn’t just any homeowner – she’s someone who pays close attention to detail and enjoys the little comforts in life. She knew that investing in our shutters would not only solve her immediate problems but also make her home even better overall.


The Challenge

Before Joyce’s house became a cozy and safe place with Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, she dealt with a lot of problems.


The sunlight from the south and west sides of her house, along with dust buildup, made life difficult for Joyce. She struggled to get a good night’s sleep because sunlight kept coming in through the cracks, no matter what kind of shading she tried. She used temporary fixes that she hoped would help at the time.

An image showing a hand opening a blackout curtain

Temporary Solution #1: Heavy Curtains

Joyce first tried putting up thick curtains on her windows. She thought they would keep the bright sunlight out, but they didn’t work well. Instead of helping, the heavy curtains made it hard to see outside. Joyce wanted something that would block the sun without blocking her view.


An image showing a hand opening plantation shutters

Temporary Solution #2: Plantation Shutters

Next, Joyce tried using plantation shutters. These window coverings looked nice and could control light and air easily. But Joyce was disappointed because they didn’t keep the room completely dark, and they blocked her view too. Even though they were stylish, they didn’t solve Joyce’s specific problems. She needed something that worked well and looked good.


The Solution

In her hunt for the perfect window cover, Joyce’s search led her to Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters.


Joyce’s decision to choose Roll-A-Shield over other options in the market was influenced by several key factors that addressed her specific needs and preferences.



An image showing a row of rolling shutters installed outside of a residential home's windows to block out direct sunlight
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Reputation: Joyce was influenced by Roll-A-Shield’s good reputation for making durable and high-quality products. Seeing our presence in her neighborhood and hearing positive reviews from neighbors who had their rolling shutters installed made her feel confident that she was choosing a reliable and long-lasting option.


Customer Care and Approach: Joyce appreciated how Roll-A-Shield took care of its customers. Roll-A-Shield’s ads and personalized service made her feel like the company cared about her and what she needed. This made Joyce trust Roll-A-Shield more, which is why she chose us over other options.


Expertise and Guidance: Joyce appreciated the help she got from Roll-A-Shield’s team. The technician was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to her. Their professionalism and patience left a positive lasting impression and made Joyce feel confident that Roll-A-Shield was the right choice for her home.


An image showing a home with rolling shutters installed outside its windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


The Results and Benefits

Since installing Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Joyce has experienced benefits that have significantly improved her quality of life. 


Dust-free maintenance

Keeping her home clean is much easier for Joyce now. The rolling shutters block dust and dirt from getting inside, so she doesn’t have to clean as often. This means her home stays cleaner and healthier without constant dusting.


Easy access options

Joyce had many choices for opening and closing her shutters when she talked to a Roll-A-Shield technician. The technician showed her different options, like crank-operated shutters, a remote-controlled shutter for convenience, and pull-strap mechanisms for easy access. Joyce tried them all out herself to see how they worked. In the end, she chose a mix of options to make sure every window in her home was versatile and convenient to use.


Better sleep quality

The rolling shutters have made a big difference in Joyce’s sleep. By blocking out streetlights and sunlight, they create a dark environment that helps her sleep better. Joyce no longer wakes up during the night because of light coming in through her windows. This means she wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to start her day.


Improved overall security

The shutters add extra protection to Joyce’s windows, deterring potential intruders. This gives her peace of mind, even when she’s not at home. Joyce can relax and enjoy her time knowing that her property is safe and secure.


Positive impact on energy efficiency

The shutters in Joyce’s home keep the temperature stable by blocking the Arizona heat in summer and keeping warmth inside during cooler months. This means she doesn’t need to use as much heating or cooling, saving money on energy bills. Plus, it makes her home more comfortable all year round.



An image of direct sunlight being blocked by rolling shutters installed in a home's exterior
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property

Joyce’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers


“I believe homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a quote from Roll-A-Shield. They’ve been pretty helpful in addressing my concerns and answering questions. I’ve even invited some folks from the church over to see the shutters in action at my place.


I’m pleased with the variety of color options Roll-A-Shield offers. The color samples they provided helped me find a perfect match for my home’s exterior, especially for those needing something subtle or complementary. I’ve noticed that even after 10 years, the colors of my shutters haven’t faded like cheaper alternatives. It’s a relief, especially for condos with strict paint guidelines.


It’s good to be with a company that stands by its product, follows up, and does projects like this to get feedback.” 


– Joyce S.


Ready to transform your home like Joyce did? Say goodbye to dust, light intrusion, and sleepless nights – and hello to a more comfortable, secure home environment with Roll-A-Shield.


Experience the benefits of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters firsthand. Call us at 480-921-0200 and book a consultation with our experts today and get a personalized quote tailored to your needs.


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