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Protect and Insulate with Rolling Shutters

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Our custom-made rolling shutters protect your home or business from crime, heat, sun, and prying eyes. You’ll get peace of mind, keep your energy costs low, and protect what matters most. Since 1979.

Proudly Made in the USA


Roll up security shutters keep the outside OUT

Secure Your Home or Business from Intrusion

Invest in high-quality shutters to get peace of mind for your home or business. Roll-A-Shield’s shutters are durable, feature secure locking mechanisms, and can be customized to fit any door or window opening. When shutters are down, you know property is well-protected from criminals or unwanted visitors.

Why Roll-A-Shield Rolling Shutters?

Residential and commercial shutters are the solution you’re looking for to address security, privacy, energy efficiency, light control, weather protection, noise reduction, and comfort. These practical and versatile shutters have been serving Roll-A-Shield customers for 45+ years across a number of use cases.

Roll-A-Shield builds every shutter to custom specifications, including size, color, material, operating mechanism, and strength. We source all of our components from best-in-class suppliers in the USA and Europe and pride ourselves in fast production without compromising quality. Our lead times are short, and we offer expedited service for urgent needs.

Crime Prevention

Stop potential criminals in their tracks by sealing vulnerable openings from intrusion. We offer shutters in a number of strengths depending on your needs.

Sun & Heat Protection

Reduce heat transfer by up to 70% by covering windows with rolling shutters. Not only do they block the sun, they introduce an insulated barrier to ambient heat, keeping your home cool.

Vacation Home Security

Leave your property for months at a time without worrying about crime, dust, weather, or theft. Enclose patios with furniture, insulate against excessive heat/cold, and stop criminals in their tracks.

Outdoor TV Enclosures

Protect your outdoor TV from dust, storms, sun, theft, vandalism, and extreme temperatures.

Client Testimonials

Roll-A-Shield has served tens of thousands of customers over 45 years. We’re proud of our product, service, and customer focus. Don’t take it from us – see what our customers have to say:

"Something had to be done..."

When the Roll-A-Shield is down, it gives the sense of security, the look of security…people will walk by and think twice.

Matt, Owner

"The best way to protect your family, and your property."

“As a cop for 30 years, I know the truth is that intruders are one smashed window away from breaking in.”

Retired Police Officer
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Supplier Quality

We build our shutters out of the finest materials from the USA and Europe. We never cut corners on quality.

Lead Times

We pride ourselves in fast, reliable lead times for production. For urgent needs, we offer expedited production service.

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