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Winter Home Security Redefined: A Snowbird’s Success Story with Roll-A-Shield



Imagine you’re a snowbird, migrating to a warmer climate during the winter months, looking forward to enjoying your home away from home. You want your winter residence to feel secure, adaptable, and comfortable, allowing you to make the most of your seasonal stay.


We’ve talked to many of our snowbird customers, and one common problem they face is keeping their homes safe while they’re away for weeks, months, or even years. They also struggle with issues when they’re at home, like too much sunlight making it too hot, sandstorms bringing in dust and sand, not enough protection for windows and doors, and a lack of privacy.


At Roll-A-Shield, we understand that these challenges are more than just annoying – they’re real problems that affect how comfortable people feel. That’s why we reached out to Robert G., a snowbird who wanted an easy way to secure his carport while turning it into a nice patio.


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Who is Robert?

Robert G. is a snowbird who moves to Arizona for the winter to escape the cold weather. For the past four years, Robert has been a loyal customer of Roll-A-Shield, and this choice has made a big difference.


Robert lives in a park model in a trailer park community in Tempe, Arizona. His home is a place he stays during the winter months. However, Robert had a specific problem with his carport. He wanted an easy way to close off this part of his house for security but also be able to open it up like a patio when he wanted to be outside. For Robert, the carportwas more than just a place to park his car—it was a way to make his living space bigger and enjoy his winter stay to the fullest.


The Challenge

Before Robert discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, he had a specific problem with his carport area at his winter home in Arizona. As a snowbird who only stays there during the winter, Robert needed a way to close off his carport when necessary but still be able to open it up like a patio. He wanted things to be easy and convenient while also keeping his home safe.


Before finding Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Robert tried different solutions to fix the problem with his carport. He went to home shows and looked at different products and ideas there, hoping to find a way to turn his carport into a patio during the winter.


During his search, Robert saw different carport enclosures and patio covers. But none of them gave him the easy transition and flexibility he wanted. Many were too complicated, didn’t have the security features he needed, or couldn’t open and close smoothly.



The Solution

Robert found the perfect solution to his carport problem when he discovered Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters. These shutters were exactly what he needed—they were high-quality, easy to use, and provided the security and flexibility he wanted.


An image showing a home with closed shutters on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Exploring Solutions: Robert explored various solutions to find a way to seal off his carport while still maintaining convenience and flexibility. One way he made that happen was by attending home shows, where he hoped to find practical and effective ideas to transform his carport area into a functional patio space during the winter months.


Encountering Different Options: During his visit to the home shows, Robert saw different types of carport enclosures and patio covers. He checked out several products and ideas showcased at these events, aiming to find a solution that would help transition his carport while meeting his criteria for ease of use and security.


Challenges with Previous Solutions: Despite trying different options, Robert didn’t find what he needed. Many solutions were too complicated, didn’t have enough security, or were hard to open and close easily. The products he saw at the home show didn’t fully turn his carport into the versatile patio area he wanted.


An image showing a house with semi-opened rolling shutters on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


The Results and Benefits

Since Robert installed Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, his residential property has seen significant improvements.

Enhanced Nighttime Security

Robert feels much safer at night now that his carport and belongings are protected by Roll-A-Shield’s shutters. Closing them before bed gives him peace of mind and helps him sleep better, knowing everything is secure and safe from theft or damage.


Peace of Mind for Snowbirds and Residents Alike

The rolling shutters from Roll-A-Shield bring peace of mind to snowbirds like Robert and other residents, especially during the long periods when they are away from home. By closing the shutters at night, they can rest assured that their carports and belongings are secure and protected. This added security relieves worries about theft or vandalism, allowing snowbirds and residents to fully enjoy their winter stay without concerns.


Increased Privacy and Functionality of the Carport

Robert can now use his carport as a patio during the winter months, creating a private and inviting outdoor space. The ability to transition seamlessly between a secured storage area and a functional patio has given Robert’s residence the comfort and livability it needs, fitting his needs in the process.


Increased Property Value and Market Appeal

Adding the rolling shutters not only makes Robert’s home more secure and functional but also more attractive to potential buyers. If Robert decides to sell in the future, the shutters will likely appeal to buyers looking for extra security and convenience.


An image showing a house with all the rolling shutters opened on its carport
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property

Robert’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers


I can’t say enough about Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters—they’re truly an awesome product! I recommend them to anyone curious about securing their carports. They’re the best solution because they’re easy to use, incredibly convenient, and they work great. When I installed them, I was the first in my park to have them, and everyone commented on how beautiful they looked. They all expressed how they wished they had them too. 


A couple who saw mine ended up getting them installed after seeing how well they work and the benefits they provide. I’ve become a bit of an advocate for these shutters, recommending them to anyone I talk to because they truly deliver.” 


– Robert G.


Transform your carport into a cozy patio retreat just like Robert did! Eliminate security worries and embrace ease and peace of mind with Roll-A-Shield’s premium rolling shutters.


Experience the benefits of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters firsthand. Call us at 480-921-0200 and book a consultation with our experts today and get a personalized quote tailored to your needs.


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