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Residential Case Study

Sunshine Without Glare: How Roll-A-Shield’s Rolling Shutters Transformed A Phoenix-Area Resident’s Home



Every homeowner faces different challenges – like too much sunlight, loud noises, or just wanting some privacy. At Roll-A-Shield, we know how important these problems are. They’re not just little annoyances; they really affect how comfortable and happy you feel at home.


That’s why we talk to our customers, old and new, to find out how our rolling shutters have made things better for them. Our shutters help keep bad weather out and make sure you can sleep well at night. They’re designed to make your home life easier and more enjoyable.


Among the homeowners we’ve gotten in touch with is Joyce S.


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Who is Joyce?

Joyce S. lives in Sun City, Arizona, and she’s been a loyal customer of Roll-A-Shield for over ten years. Joyce trusts our special rolling shutters to keep her home safe. Her house has a cozy ranch-style design, a peaceful retreat from busy daily life. But even in this cozy home, Joyce faced challenges with too much sunlight and dust sneaking in.


Determined to gain back control over her living space, Joyce sought out Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters as a solution to deter the direct sunlight and dust. But Joyce isn’t just any homeowner – she’s someone who pays close attention to detail and enjoys the little comforts in life. She knew that investing in our shutters would not only solve her immediate problems but also make her home even better overall.


The Challenge

Before Joyce’s house became a cozy and safe place with Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, she dealt with a lot of problems.


The sunlight from the south and west sides of her house, along with dust buildup, made life difficult for Joyce. She struggled to get a good night’s sleep because sunlight kept coming in through the cracks, no matter what kind of shading she tried. She used temporary fixes that she hoped would help at the time.

An image showing a hand opening a blackout curtain

Temporary Solution #1: Heavy Curtains

Joyce first tried putting up thick curtains on her windows. She thought they would keep the bright sunlight out, but they didn’t work well. Instead of helping, the heavy curtains made it hard to see outside. Joyce wanted something that would block the sun without blocking her view.


An image showing a hand opening plantation shutters

Temporary Solution #2: Plantation Shutters

Next, Joyce tried using plantation shutters. These window coverings looked nice and could control light and air easily. But Joyce was disappointed because they didn’t keep the room completely dark, and they blocked her view too. Even though they were stylish, they didn’t solve Joyce’s specific problems. She needed something that worked well and looked good.


The Solution

In her hunt for the perfect window cover, Joyce’s search led her to Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters.


Joyce’s decision to choose Roll-A-Shield over other options in the market was influenced by several key factors that addressed her specific needs and preferences.



An image showing a row of rolling shutters installed outside of a residential home's windows to block out direct sunlight
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


Reputation: Joyce was influenced by Roll-A-Shield’s good reputation for making durable and high-quality products. Seeing our presence in her neighborhood and hearing positive reviews from neighbors who had their rolling shutters installed made her feel confident that she was choosing a reliable and long-lasting option.


Customer Care and Approach: Joyce appreciated how Roll-A-Shield took care of its customers. Roll-A-Shield’s ads and personalized service made her feel like the company cared about her and what she needed. This made Joyce trust Roll-A-Shield more, which is why she chose us over other options.


Expertise and Guidance: Joyce appreciated the help she got from Roll-A-Shield’s team. The technician was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to her. Their professionalism and patience left a positive lasting impression and made Joyce feel confident that Roll-A-Shield was the right choice for her home.


An image showing a home with rolling shutters installed outside its windows
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property


The Results and Benefits

Since installing Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters, Joyce has experienced benefits that have significantly improved her quality of life. 


Dust-free maintenance

Keeping her home clean is much easier for Joyce now. The rolling shutters block dust and dirt from getting inside, so she doesn’t have to clean as often. This means her home stays cleaner and healthier without constant dusting.


Easy access options

Joyce had many choices for opening and closing her shutters when she talked to a Roll-A-Shield technician. The technician showed her different options, like crank-operated shutters, a remote-controlled shutter for convenience, and pull-strap mechanisms for easy access. Joyce tried them all out herself to see how they worked. In the end, she chose a mix of options to make sure every window in her home was versatile and convenient to use.


Better sleep quality

The rolling shutters have made a big difference in Joyce’s sleep. By blocking out streetlights and sunlight, they create a dark environment that helps her sleep better. Joyce no longer wakes up during the night because of light coming in through her windows. This means she wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to start her day.


Improved overall security

The shutters add extra protection to Joyce’s windows, deterring potential intruders. This gives her peace of mind, even when she’s not at home. Joyce can relax and enjoy her time knowing that her property is safe and secure.


Positive impact on energy efficiency

The shutters in Joyce’s home keep the temperature stable by blocking the Arizona heat in summer and keeping warmth inside during cooler months. This means she doesn’t need to use as much heating or cooling, saving money on energy bills. Plus, it makes her home more comfortable all year round.



An image of direct sunlight being blocked by rolling shutters installed in a home's exterior
* The photo provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the client’s property

Joyce’s Final Message to Roll-A-Shield Customers


“I believe homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a quote from Roll-A-Shield. They’ve been pretty helpful in addressing my concerns and answering questions. I’ve even invited some folks from the church over to see the shutters in action at my place.


I’m pleased with the variety of color options Roll-A-Shield offers. The color samples they provided helped me find a perfect match for my home’s exterior, especially for those needing something subtle or complementary. I’ve noticed that even after 10 years, the colors of my shutters haven’t faded like cheaper alternatives. It’s a relief, especially for condos with strict paint guidelines.


It’s good to be with a company that stands by its product, follows up, and does projects like this to get feedback.” 


– Joyce S.


Ready to transform your home like Joyce did? Say goodbye to dust, light intrusion, and sleepless nights – and hello to a more comfortable, secure home environment with Roll-A-Shield.


Experience the benefits of Roll-A-Shield’s rolling shutters firsthand. Call us at 480-921-0200 and book a consultation with our experts today and get a personalized quote tailored to your needs.


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