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Peace of Mind for Months at a Time

Secure a seasonal home or vacation property from criminals, heat/cold, and weather.


Away from your property for extended periods of time?

If you have a second or seasonal home or a vacation property, you know that there’s only so much an alarm system or security cameras can do. You want to physically secure your property – not just an alert that something bad is happening.

Rolling shutters provide complete physical protection, heat and cold insulation, and weather protection. When you’re away, your property is secure. And when you come back, your shutters disappear at the click of a button.

Residential Solutions

Residential Security

Secure your home from unwanted intruders. Use shutters for peace of mind every night while you sleep or while you’re away from home for days or weeks. Our shutters are a physical barrier to would-be criminals, ensuring that you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe and secure. Operate them with a remote, switch, smartphone app, key fobs, or more, making shutters the most convenient physical security for your home.

Vacation Home Security

Leaving your vacation home for months at a time? Lock your property down and prevent crime with rolling shutters. Put them on a patio or carport to secure patio furniture, golf carts, and other property that you would otherwise have to lug away each season. Rolling shutters are perfect for seasonal homes, cabins, lake houses, cottages, or other vacation homes. It’s not enough to have an alarm system or camera system – keep outsiders from getting in in the first place.

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We’ve provided peace of mind to thousands of businesses, individuals & families across the country. We look forward to working with you too!

"Something had to be done..."

When the Roll-A-Shield is down, it gives the sense of security, the look of security…people will walk by and think twice.

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"The best way to protect your family, and your property."

As a cop for 30 years, I know the truth is that intruders are one smashed window away from breaking in.

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