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What’s included in our rolling shutter cleaning service?


Why schedule a cleaning?

✔️ Maintains Optimal Performance: Regular cleaning extends the lifespan and functionality of your rolling shutters

✔️ Enhances Curb Appeal: Clean shutters look more appealing, boosting the overall aesthetics of your property.

✔️ Preserves Property Value: Well-maintained shutters can increase the value of your property

✔️ Prevents Damage: Cleaning your rolling shutters helps prevent damage caused by dirt and debris buildup

✔️ Protects Against Corrosion: Regular rolling shutter cleaning helps prevent corrosion and rust, ensuring the shutters remain in top condition

✔️ Improves Energy Efficiency: Clean shutters can better insulate your property, reducing energy costs

✔️ Identifies Maintenance Needs Early: Our service includes an inspection to catch any potential repairs ahead of time

✔️ Guarantees Professional Expertise: Our trained and highly qualified technicians ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process

✔️ Convenience: Save time and effort by letting us handle the cleaning efficiently

✔️ Gives You Peace of Mind: Knowing your shutters are in top condition can provide you with the security and satisfaction you need



It depends. We have different pricing depending on the number of shutters and shutter size (specifically if the rolling shutter is less than or greater than 10 feet wide). Please refer to the pricing table below:

We don’t repair nor clean rolling shutters that are installed on second stories unless there is a balcony.

We don’t recommend this. Powerwashing rolling shutters increases the risk of damage and water intrusion. The high-pressure water can harm the shutter components and force water into areas it shouldn’t go.

Additionally, it can remove essential lubrication, leading to increased wear and maintenance needs. Handwashing by trained technicians is a safer and more effective option for cleaning rolling shutters, as it allows for a thorough inspection and careful maintenance while preserving the shutters’ integrity.

We recommend scheduling a professional cleaning for your rolling shutters every other year.

Our technicians use shutter-friendly soap when handwashing each side and section of the rolling shutters. They also open the box at the top of the shutter to clean the inside of the mechanisms and perform an inspection.

If your shutters are remote-controlled, then the technician can conduct the entire cleaning without going inside your home. However, if your shutters are operated with a wired wall switch or are battery-powered, the technician will need to access these switches to conduct the cleaning.

The cleaning time for each rolling shutter is about 40-60 minutes depending on the width of your shutters.

There are no preparations needed to be done prior to the cleaning service.

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