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Rolling Shutter Ideas for Any Business, Non-Profit, or Government Facility


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The FBI has reported that a burglary happens every 30.48 seconds in the US.


Back in 2022, it was reported that 42,104 burglaries occurred in the United States and that the average loss was about $2,661. 


Commercial burglary poses a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, emphasizing the importance of proactive security measures. Burglary often thrives on opportunities, and taking steps to reduce these can significantly deter potential criminals. Incorporating robust security solutions like our reliable rolling shutters adds an extra layer of protection to commercial properties, making them less appealing targets for burglars.


Here’s how our rolling shutters can help different types of commercial properties…


Commercial Properties

An image showing the exterior of a business with its commercial rolling shutters closed


Secure your office buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities with our robust rolling shutters, providing enhanced protection against break-ins and vandalism.


In addition to security, our rolling shutters provide weather protection, shielding your premises from storms, high winds, and extreme temperatures. This not only preserves the integrity of your building but also contributes to energy efficiency by helping regulate indoor temperatures.


Schools and Churches

An image showing an announcer booth with its rolling shutters halfway open


Schools and churches benefit significantly from our durable rolling shutters, providing essential security and peace of mind for students, staff, and worshippers. Our shutters act as a protective barrier against unauthorized access and intrusions, ensuring the safety of individuals and valuable assets within educational and religious facilities. 


During non-operational hours, rolling shutters offer an additional layer of defense, deterring potential break-ins and vandalism. They can be customized to fit various entry points, including doors and windows, effectively safeguarding sensitive areas like classrooms, offices, and worship spaces.



An image showing a dispensary with its commercial rolling shutters closed


Safeguard your cannabis dispensary with our customized rolling shutters, which offer a multitude of benefits tailored to the unique needs of dispensaries. Our rolling shutters provide comprehensive defense in depth, protecting valuable inventory, displays, and assets from theft and vandalism. 


Beyond security, our rolling shutters contribute to maintaining a controlled environment by regulating light exposure and temperature, which is crucial for preserving cannabis products.


Give your dispensary the protection it needs when you get in touch with our rolling shutter sales experts and GET A FREE QUOTE by calling 480-921-0200 today.



An image of an outdoor kiosk with all its rolling shutters closed


Protect your retail store or boutique with our stylish rolling shutters, which offer numerous advantages tailored to the specific needs of storefronts. Our rolling shutters not only provide effective security against intrusions and property damage but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your retail space. 


Beyond security and aesthetics, our rolling shutters offer flexibility in operation, allowing you to control visibility and access during non-operational hours without compromising on style.


Kiosks and Bars

An image showing an outdoor bar with all its commercial rolling shutters closed


Secure your outdoor kiosk, bar, or concession stand with our compact and easy-to-operate rolling shutters, offering tailored benefits for businesses in these locations. Our rolling shutters provide effective security by creating a physical barrier that deters unauthorized access and prevents theft of valuable equipment and inventory in your kiosks and bars. 


They are designed to be compact and user-friendly, allowing for effortless operation and seamless integration into outdoor spaces. Our rolling shutters also offer weather protection, shielding your kiosk or bar from elements like rain, wind, and debris. This helps maintain the integrity of your outdoor setup and preserves equipment and inventory.


Counter Shutters

An image showing a business counter with its commercial rolling shutters partially closed


Transform your service counter or reception area with our innovative counter shutters, designed to provide employees with privacy and control over access. Our counter shutters offer a seamless solution for businesses seeking to create a welcoming yet secure environment.


These shutters also deter overly curious customers, providing a sense of privacy and professionalism within your establishment. Investing in our counter shutters empowers employees to work comfortably while maintaining control over access, ultimately elevating the overall experience for staff and customers alike.


Prevent overly curious customers from any suspicious attempts. Get in touch with our rolling shutter sales experts and GET A FREE QUOTE by calling 480-921-0200 today.


What other ways can you try to protect your commercial property?

Businesses can enhance their protection against crime through various security measures. Implementing updated locks, improved lighting, and effective alarm systems can significantly reduce the attractiveness of an establishment as a target for criminals. 


It’s important to recognize that many criminals are opportunistic, and the aim of conducting a security survey is to minimize these opportunities. 


Here are other methods you can enhance the level of security in your business premises…


  • Improve lighting around your commercial property

Most commercial burglaries occur during nighttime when thieves anticipate poorly lit and unoccupied commercial properties. Research indicates that 3 out of 4 commercial burglaries target businesses lacking adequate lighting. Implementing both interior and exterior lighting serves as one of the most effective deterrents against burglars, ensuring the safety of your business.


Consider installing floodlights strategically across your building’s exterior, particularly at entrance and exit points. For businesses with street-facing windows, leaving some interior lights on can make after-hour activities more visible from the street. Simplify your security routine by setting lights on timers to automatically turn on at dusk, relieving you of the task at closing time.

  • Invest in smart security access options

An image showing Roll-A-Shield's access options


Don’t just invest in any smart security option. It’s crucial for business owners to consider more than just traditional smart security options like Wi-Fi cameras and electronic locks. Modernizing the way you access security devices, such as rolling shutters, can significantly enhance the overall security and convenience of your business. 


At Roll-A-Shield, we offer versatile access options for operating our rolling shutters, including wall-mounted switches, handheld remotes, smartphone apps, and manual straps. This diverse range of access methods ensures flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to control your security shutters according to your preferences and lifestyle needs.

  • Keep your business’ windows clear

While displaying high-ticket items on your windows is an effective way to entice your customers, it can also attract the wrong kinds of people such as burglars. 


Burglars often target easily accessible windows, making it crucial to minimize risks and enhance protection for your business. Avoid leaving equipment near windows, both indoors and outdoors, to eliminate potential temptations for criminals. Additionally, consider removing tinted film from glass surfaces to prevent burglars from operating unseen. 


Breaking windows is one of the easiest ways for burglars to get into, vandalize, and rob your commercial property. Seal your windows tight with highly reliable rolling shutters after jumping on a call with our rolling shutter sales experts and GET A FREE QUOTE by calling 480-921-0200 today.

  • Be wary of what you post on social media

Sharing that your office or business will be closed can signal to potential burglars that the space will be unattended for an extended period, increasing the risk of a break-in. To mitigate this risk, consider posting updates that indicate regular activity at your location. 


Share photos or updates showing yourself or others visiting the building, demonstrating that the premises are actively monitored and not left unattended for long periods. This simple practice can help deter burglars and enhance the security of your business.

  • Be protective and not reactive

An image comparing mini extruded aluminum and standard extruded aluminum from Roll-A-Shield


Don’t just start taking measures to improve your business’ security when a suspected crime or an actual burglary happens. Mitigate crime risks by investing in a reliable business security solution with enhanced barriers.


That’s what Roll-A-Shield’s commercial rolling shutters do—they’re strong barriers that make it much harder for burglars to break in. Our shutters are made from tough materials like extruded aluminum, which can withstand impacts and prevent someone from forcing their way into your business. These shutters provide excellent security for commercial properties, giving you confidence that your premises are well-protected against unauthorized entry and break-ins.


An image showing the end retention slat for Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters


Our rolling shutters have strong end retention slats that are made of durable aluminum. These slats can withstand hurricane-level winds. When the shutters are closed, these slats fit together tightly, making it very difficult for intruders to break in. 


Combined with strong locks and guides, these shutters provide excellent protection for your business, ensuring you and your employees can lock up safely no matter the time of day.

  • Visit your commercial property frequently

Make it a habit to check on your business regularly, ideally every day if you can. However, it’s important to vary your visit times to keep potential burglars guessing. Showing up at different times throughout the day can help ensure that your presence is unpredictable and deter any plans of burglary. This proactive approach to monitoring your business can significantly enhance its security and reduce the risk of break-ins. Businesses that are regularly monitored and visited tend to be less vulnerable to criminal activities.


Don’t wait for the next burglary attempt. Opting for commercial rolling shutters for your business demonstrates a commitment to security and the preservation of your valuable assets.


Investing in commercial rolling shutters is a thoughtful decision that prioritizes the safety and success of your business, creating a more secure and inviting environment for both customers and employees.

Ready to discover how rolling shutters can make your business extra safe? Call our rolling shutters experts at 480-921-0200 today for a FREE QUOTE!



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