Operation Methods

Operation Methods And Controls

Roll-A-Shield has a variety of ways to operate your rolling shutters or shades. From a manual hand crank box, to remote control and everything in between. Check out the various types of operation methods below and feel to reach out with any questions.

Manual Operation Options

strap box shutter controller


Manual Strap Box

The manual strap box is a popular option to bring your shutters or shades, up or down. The inner workings of the pulley system have evolved over the years and are now incredibly smooth in operation. Nice clean look and ease of operation make this a great option to go with.


Hand Crank Box

Another good manual option is the hand crank. It sits just to the side of your rolling shutters and is an easy and affordable way to open and close your shutters or shades. The gear work inside make opening and closing very easy to do and the crank shaft can also be removed after you have it opened or closed if you so desire for an even cleaner appearance.

hand crank for shutters

spring assisted rolling shutter


Spring Assist Operation

Much like most garage doors today, these rolling shutters have a large coiled spring built into the top casing. This makes what would otherwise be a very heavy and hard to open or close door, easily moveable. One of the benefits of this manual operation type is that there are no controls on either side of the shutters, which makes for a very streamlined and clean appearance.


Wand Operation with Gear Reduction

The manual wand operation is another great option as it also has built in gear reduction to make opening and closing your shutters very smooth and very easy. Another great benefit to this operation type is that you can easily remove the long wand once you open or close your shutters to the desired level.


Wand Crank Rolling Shutter

Electric Operation Options

For the next level in easy and convenience, we have a variety of switch operation options to open and close your rolling shutters or shades. For interior switches, the toggle and paddle switches are a good choice. And for outside or more secure options, the key switch provides eash and security all in one.:

Toggle Switch for Shutters

Paddle Switch for Shutters

Key Switch for Shutters

Remote Control Options

In today’s day and age, remote control is no longer a luxury…it is a necessity. We have a wide variety of remote control options for your rolling shutters or shades, to fit your needs. We carry both Somfy and Gaposa remotes and have each in a couple options.

Single Channel Remotes


Single Channel Remotes

These single channel remotes will operate 1 or all of your motorized shutters or shades. If you have a scenario where you have 3 windows with shutters in one big room, you would likely want to have them all open or close at the same time and therefore could be operated on 1 channel. However, if you desire to control your shutters independently, you would want to look into…


Multi-Channel Remotes

These multi-channel remotes can accommodate individual control of each shutter or allow you to create groups of your motorized shutters to control. For instance, if the front of your house is gets the afternoon sun, you may want to create a group to control just the front of the house rolling shutters with just 1 push of a button.

Multi-Channel Remotes

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