Somfy Motors

Somfy Motors

At Rollashield, we recognize that the key to providing our customers with high quality, well-functioning, interior and exterior window coverings is to also provide them with the best motors available to power those systems. That’s why we carry a leading global manufacturer, Somfy, who has been producing quiet, dependable motors for worldwide commercial and residential markets since 1980.

Somfy is a powerhouse in the industry with 39 years (and counting), of design innovation and manufacturing. Their engineers have been producing reliable motors with the capacity for both electronic and app controls. Allowing for total automation that can connect and integrate with lighting, security, and HVAC systems in homes and businesses.

That said…an automated system is only as good as its motor. We at Rollashield appreciate this and therefore utilize several types of Somfy motors to tirelessly drive such systems as: blinds, shades, exterior awnings, rolling shutters, and solar screens.

The Somfy Systems LT Series motor is considered Somfy’s standard motor. This workhorse is one of the highest quality motors in the entire industry and is backed by a guarantee of quality and performance. When you see “Powered by Somfy” you can rest assured that those words certify Somfy’s commitment to excellence for every product, including their standard LT Motor Model.

Somfy’s RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) line delivers the ultimate in wireless remote control motors. In this line of motors, the radio receiver is integrated into the motor itself allowing for a fast and easy installation and eliminating the need for any wiring between the motor and the controls. Additional upgrades and additional shades, awnings, and screens can be added without the need for more wiring, making the RTS line of motors extremely versatile. RTS motors’ innovative optimization of technology and design means that you can operate a single system or multiple systems all from just one hand-held remote control.

Coving both ends of the usage spectrum with their motors, Somfy’s Crank-Manual Override (CMO) motor proves customers with total control of awnings in the event that there is not power to automate the operation of window covering systems. Awnings can be cranked in or out by hand. Some customers live in either remote areas or in high usage areas. Both can be affected by frequent loss of power. In any part of the world, power outages can be unpredictable in frequency and duration. Interruptions and outages can be caused by storms, damage to power lines by trees or wildlife, heat waves, and human error. The override capability feature of the CMO Motor Model allows control over window covering systems whose use would otherwise be compromised in a loss of power situation.

Somfy products are tested for conformance to high performance standards and have a product return rate of less than 1%. Products are tested with electricity standards for specific compliance for buildings and have received 600 approvals in 40 different countries throughout the world. ISO 9001 Certification was obtained by Somfy in 1995.

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