Somfy Accessories

Somfy Accesories

Roll-A-Shield is proud to offer many useful, reliable Somfy accessories that coordinate with the Somfy RTS line of products. From battery backups to weather sensors. We carry the Somfy products you need to keep your rolling shutters or shades performing optimally. Whether you’re adding onto your system or just in need of a replacement part to keep your automated window treatments and awnings functional, we likely have the parts to fit your needs. Please view the Somfy accessories we carry below.

It is important to use compatible parts with these motorized systems to maintain their mechanical integrity and longevity. The opening and closing of blinds, screens, shutters or awnings can, over time, start to wear certain components out.

Accessories for Automation

Adding automation to your system is not only convenient and fun, it can also help to create a perception of resident activity inside the home when you’re away. This is a known deterrent to those who are looking to take advantage of an unoccupied home.

Battery Back Up

Power outages can have a variety of causes. Sometimes the possibility of loss of power can be anticipated if there are storms, lightning, or heat waves in the weather forecast. Other events, such as motor vehicle accidents, damage by wild animals, fallen trees, or human error are unforeseen and unpredictable. Somfy’s Battery Back-Up unit provides you with the peace of mind that you have control of opening or closing your screens, blinds, shutters, and awnings even when you don’t otherwise have power in your home.

Interface For Communication

More and more people are using smart home technology to operate and enjoy their homes. With a mobile app, voice commands, or different types of visual interfaces, homeowners have control over the thermostat, the entertainment system, the interior and exterior lighting, the security system, and so much more. Somfy’s RTS Dry Contact Interface provides communication between third party home automation systems and the Somfy RTS products in your home. There are many remote control functions available for complete customization including slat adjustment, intuitive interface, setting timers, and controlling single or multiple devices at once.

Repeater (Signal Booster)

Too often home automation is compromised by weak signals between the transmitting device and the receiving device. The strength of the signal can be affected by distance as well electromagnetic interference. In general, interference can come in the form of baby monitors, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, wireless games controllers, cell phones, et cetera. The Somfy RTS Repeater can be used to extend the range of the standard Radio Technology Somfy signal by simply plugging it in to any 120v AC outlet.


Environmental factors such as wind, rain, and the sun’s rays have traditionally made managing the use of blinds, screens, shutters, and awnings inconvenient, inconsistent, and even labor intensive. Somfy’s RTS Sensors take the guesswork out of using automated window coverings and awnings whether you are at home or away. By utilizing the Indoor Sun Sensor, Outdoor Sun Sensor, Ondeis Wire Free Rain Sensor, or the Combined Sensor (sun and wind), Somfy ensures that your blinds, screens, shutters, and awnings can automatically open and close in response to current weather conditions. Use of the Universal Receiver RTS allows for automatic control when combined with the RTS Sensors by way of its smaller, discrete façade

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