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What are roll up blinds, roller blinds or rolling shutters?

Rolling shutters are a multi-faceted product offering many benefits to both home and business owners including sun control, energy savings, privacy and noise reduction – all in one product. Roll-A-Shield has made these wonderful rolling shutters for 34 years.

Where are Roll-A-Shields made?

Roll-A-Shields are custom made in our Tempe, AZ shop by our highly trained fabricators. We use the highest quality materials from leading European companies who make parts for rolling shutters.

Where do these blinds or shutters go

Typically, a Roll-A-Shield is installed on the exterior of a home or business, usually covering a window or door. However, almost any opening can be covered. For example, you can enclose a patio or screened porch, close off a counter opening, cover a doggie door, or close off a patio TV niche.

Do I need to go outside to operate my Roll-A-Shields?

No! Roll-A-Shields are opened and closed from the inside of your home or business. Manual, electric or remote control options are available, as well as a key switch, a timer, or an override for bedroom egress.

How much can I expect to pay for a new shutter or blind? I have a regularly sized window.

Actually, there are no regularly sized windows! All of our shutters/blinds are custom fit to the specific size of the opening. Price is based on the opening size and the features you choose.

What colors can I choose from?

We have 7 colors to choose from: white, beige, cream, sand, gray, brown and bronze. The shutter box, guide rails and slat colors can be mixed or matched to fit any home or business color scheme.

What kind of energy savings can I expect after I have Roll-A-Shields installed?

Independent engineering tests have proven that Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters can reduce energy usage by as much as 50% with the shutters in the closed position all day. Many of our customers report real-life savings of 25-30%

Can I install these shutters myself?

Yes! Roll-A-Shields have been self-installed on thousands of homes across the U.S., and even in Canada and Mexico. We build the shutters to your specifications, box them up along with installation instructions and then ship them to you. Many customers will pick up the shutters at our Tempe shop rather than shipping them. And, if you need help, you can give us a call for phone support!

I need repairs on my rolling shutters that were installed by a different company that has gone out of business. Can you help me?

Yes!! We service rolling shutters from any company, not just Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters. Our Service Technicians work in the Phoenix metro area.

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