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For many of us (especially those of us living in the southwest), one of the most dreaded monthly bills we receive during the summer months, is the spiking electric bill due to our air conditioners working hard to keep us cool. And in various parts of the country, being cool is not just about being comfortable, excessive heat can be a health hazard.

A big part of why our AC units seem to be constantly kicking on during this time of year is due to radiant heat getting into our homes or offices and building up. And one of the main areas where the heat enters a home or business is through our windows. Yes, windows are awesome for providing natural light into a room or area, but they can be problematic because of the intense solar heat that accompanies that natural light.

As the sun is at its lightest and brightest in the summer, this heat buildup often becomes most noticeable from May to September but is likely somewhat present on any unusually warm day. So, we contend that during any warmer months, it is important to find ways to reduce this unnecessary heat build-up whenever possible.

Finding eco-friendly ways to battle heat buildup efficiently can significantly reduce our energy consumption costs. As we eluded to earlier…while an air conditioner can help keep a home or business cool, the price of using air conditioning to battle indoor heat buildup can be pricey. Not to mention, using unwarranted energy, which also has adverse effects on the environment.

So, what to do?

thinkingWhile there are several ways to battle this added influx of heat caused by sunlight on windows, some are more effective than others.

For most homeowners and business owners, the use of blinds, curtains and window shades are their frontline defense against window heat brought on by the constant exposure to summer sun. However, each of these window coverings only provides a basic layer of protection and shade from inside the room they are installed in.

While the window area is covered, the window itself is still taking on heat which it then projects into the room by way of radiant heating.

Rollashield’s Rolling Shutters and Shades
That is why using an exterior covering for a window can be one of the most effective ways to decrease window heat buildup. One of the most popular exterior window protection solutions is the use of exterior rolling shutters and rolling shades. Widely used in Europe, ocean areas and in tropical regions, rolling shades have become an increasingly popular defense against radiant heat accumulating in a room here in the United States.

Exterior rolling shutters provide heat reduction by significantly reducing the amount of Shutters on Patio Doorssolar energy entering a home or business. The protection they provide, substantially helps reduce radiant heat in every room they are used in and significantly reduce air conditioning costs. Through the use of Rollashield’s roll down screens and rolling shutters, users can adjust their light exposure to allow for varying amounts of light and heat to enter a room depending on their needs and time of year.

Studies have shown that using products like rolling shades and rolling shutters; users can reduce the amount of heat entering a room by as much as 60% during the peak of the daylight. This means that rolling shutters provide heat reduction that helps reduce air conditioning costs and energy usage by up to 60% as well. In addition to reducing the amount of heat coming into your home of office, these exterior coverings also act as an insulator and will keep the cool air in. And in the winter, they are great for reducing heat loss inside a room as well. Overall, cost savings by using rolling shades for an average home can be equivalent to over a thousand dollars a year in home energy expenses and much higher for commercial users.

For those who have varying sizes of their window and doors, Rollashield’s rolling shades and shutters are custom fit to accommodate any window or door size in either a residential or commercial use scenario.

Custom Install

There are also are various and easy to use controls for both. From a manual crank box, to a fully automated and motorized remote that you can control with your smartphone. Making reducing the heat into your home or office as easy as pushing a few buttons from wherever you are at.

While both roll down shades and rolling shutters are great at reducing heat and adding additional privacy to your windows and doors. Rolling shutters have the added benefit of providing extra security for the home or office. And for businesses that have large display windows, this added layer of protection against break-ins is preferred over using unsightly bars on your storefront windows.

When adding it all up, it simply makes sense to add exterior shutters to your home or business. An investment that will pay for itself over time while reducing energy costs AND providing added security.

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